Who is this weekend for? Committed partners who want a vital, intimate relationship—and who are willing to do what it takes to create it—will find the practical tools they need on this weekend.  This course is built upon our 30+ years of working with couples in coaching and counseling, as well as our experience creating marriage enrichment weekends for churches.   Perhaps, most importantly, it’s also built on what we have learned through our participation in marriage and relationship training from some of the best therapists in the world and the application of these principles to our own marriage of 41 years.  We are experiencing love, joy and appreciation in a growing way in our own relationship and look forward to sharing with you the things that have made a powerful difference in our lives.

What can you expect from participating in this weekend?  This retreat is filled with exercises where you will learn a lot about yourself and your partner in a safe, “fun” environment with lots of experiential learning.  You will have an opportunity to spend time alone with each other, as well as learn from others in a group setting. We have identified several key but often neglected relational skills to help you move forward in your marriage. These include:

  • How to become allies in each other’s healing process
  • How to communicate constructively without blame or criticism
  • How to cultivate greater emotional transparency and deeper connection
  • How to tell the truth without creating arguments
  • How to get unstuck from recurring patterns and problems
  • How to generate a flow of mutual appreciation in your relationship


What people are saying…

“My hope has been restored – this weekend provided focus and direction for doing things differently.”

“It was the catalyst for a lot of healing…we look forward to the future.”

“The retreat brought clarity to so many issues for us and I’m so thankful.  It provided a wonderful famework to connect with my wife and build a better marriage.”  

“I feel more connected and tender towards my husband.  We had some really great conversations.”

“The retreat gave me practical and concrete ways to connect with my spouse.  It was a safe place to handle conflict.”

“The weekend opened my eyes to appreciate my wife more and the incredible power of her love for me.”