In our Couples Groups we create a safe, supportive place for couples to continue the work they started on the retreat.  We meet once a month, for 2 hours, and ask for a year-long commitment.

We do a variety of things:

·         Check ins
·         Facilitate couples to continue to grow and deepen their connection
·         Introduce and practice new exercises
·         Practice exercises from the Couples Retreat notebook
·         Work on current issues and blocks couples are experiencing
·         Give and receive feedback to each other
·         Provide “invitations for learning” to do in between meetings that help couples continue to grow

What people are saying about the couples group…

“It’s an emotional and spiritual adventure with compassionate and nurturing guides.”

“We are so encouraged to be in a safe and supportive environment where we can learn and grow.”

“The couples group has given me the courage to have much needed conversations, resulting in a closer connection.”

“It’s great to be with other couples who desire to make their marriages the best they can be!”